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HTML5 is the most recent advancement in the HTML standard.

Two different definitions are defined by the word.

The new version of HTML has new components, features, and behaviors, and a wider range of technology to create websites and applications that are more versatile and strong.

Often this collection is called HTML5 & friends and is mostly just HTML5 shortened.

Designed to be usable by all Open Web developers, this reference page links to numerous resources about HTML5 technologies, classified into several groups based on their function.

Semantics: allowing you to describe more precisely what your content is.
Connectivity: allowing you to communicate with the server in new and innovative ways.
Offline and storage: allowing web pages to store data on the client-side locally and operate offline more efficiently.
Multimedia: making video and audio first-class citizens in the Open Web. 2D/3D graphics and effects: allowing a much more diverse range of presentation options.
Performance and integration: providing greater speed optimization and better usage of computer hardware.
Device access: allowing for the usage of various input and output devices.
Styling: letting authors write more sophisticated themes.

Now’s the best time to jump on HTML5. Nearly half of the world’s Top 100 dotcoms have already renovated their websites for HTML5 compliance, and more are joining them every day.
It’s the emerging standard in a new frontier, and you want your company to be a part of it.
To avoid being left in the dust (which happens quickly with technology), you need to act now.

Our HTML5 web development solutions capitalize on every feature available in this exciting new markup language, putting your business on the competitive cutting edge. We’ll make your site faster, more attractive, more compatible, more mobile-friendly, and more SEO-marketable with our proven HTML5 expertise.